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Legendary Investigations Missing Persons

Locating a missing person

Finding a lost family member or friend is often a sensitive matter.  Whether your circumstance is of great importance, or you have simply lost track of someone, our investigators will make use of every database at their disposal to find the individual. Our knowledge and available resources allow us to expedite all requests, with only minimal information provided to complete successful locates where many other service providers would fall short.

Our services are always 100% confidential.  During the course of our investigation, the individual that we are attempting to locate will never be notified and all the information we obtain remains confidential and will be provided only to the client.

Our Private investigators can also aid in the location of individuals for class reunions, legal proceedings, will/estate beneficiaries, and other various events or circumstances.

Your Private Eye

Curtis G. Holder

PI License # 3701201411

Legendary Investigations


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