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Background Checks

Our investigators collect, interpret, and arrange information gathered through a widespread base of industry sources and computer searches. The final result is then presented in a complete background check report that provides a complete profile of the individual or company being investigated. Background Check categories and searches include, but are not limited to:

Criminal Conviction History Background Check .
Assumed Names & Property Background Check .
Court Records & Marital Record Background Check.
Employment & Credential Check.
Pre-Employment Background Check.
Premarital Background Check.
Business Background Check.
Bankruptcy Record Background Check.
Asset Inventories.

Don't trust your background check services to just any "research" or "database" company you find on the internet. Use an investigator that will do more than just run a name.
There are many internet based companies that offer these types of searches. Many of these companies are NOT Licensed Private Investigators and often provide inaccurate or out of date information.
Remember the cheapest is not always the best.
There is much more involved when conducting a skip trace or background investigation than just running information through a database. To obtain accurate information you must conduct an actual investigation.  To conduct an investigation, you need an experienced private investigator.
As licensed private investigators, we have access to nationwide networks of files that are not accessible to the general public or non-licensed agencies.  The information gathered in our background checks, coupled with years of investigative experience, will allow our investigators to provide you with an accurate background check report with which you can make conclusive decisions.  We dont just run a name through a database, we dig deep into the details we find.  You will not only recieve a full comprehensive report but you will also recieve as many phone consultations needed to make sense of what is found.  We take great pride in helping our clients and if you have a question we are here to answer it for you. 

Please note: Turnaround time for the background checks we do can range anywhere from 72 hours to 2 weeks depending on how in depth you would like us to search.  This is not a 24 hour service unless you are in a hurry to receive the information you have requested.  If you request 24 hour turnaround then you will run the risk of missing out on some important information.  Also, there is no guarantee that things a person "suspects" will show up on a background check actually will show up.  We only find the FACTS.
ALSO, it is important to know and understand that we cannot guarantee results for any background check we perform.  All fees that are paid for this service are non refundable.

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