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We consider ourselves leaders in the skip trace industry.  If you are looking for a person whether it be a long lost love or a non paying debtor we have the skills and the tools to find just about anyone. A skip trace can find them no matter where they may be located.  With a high success rate we get the job done right. We dont just run the subject's info through a database and hand you a copy of the report.  We take the time necessary to contact the subject, their family members and neighbors to verify all information found before turning over our findings to you.  Because of the extensive research we do when locating an individual, our turn around time may be a little longer than the average investigator.  Dont trust your money to any of those fee based internet searches, they are not doing a proper skip trace.  We hear stories all the time about people wasting their hard earned money on these websites.  These websites cannot be compared to the work that we do to locate an individual.

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