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Michigan Private Eye - True Testimonials

When I suspected my husband was cheating, I turned to Legendary Investigations. I was treated with kindness, understanding and respect.I was given all the proof I needed in a timely manner and won my difficult divorce case. Thank you so much for helping me get on with my life!

-A happy, new 'ex-wife'

- Legendary Investigations and Mr. Curt Holder definitely have my support. I have used Mr. Holder and his services numerous times in the past and have had nothing but positive results. I know when I call upon Mr. Holder my case will be handled professionally and by an experienced, motivated investigator. Trust what I am saying, Not All P.I.'s Are Created Equal. Legenday Investigations gets two thumbs up for all of your investigative needs in my book. Thanks to Mr. Holder and keep up the good work."

- Robert Kenaiou
(owner)Matrix Investigative Bureau, Inc
Florida Lic # A2400313

Legendary Investigations

Curtis G. Holder

PI License # 3701201411

Legendary Investigations


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